Blenheim Forge Carbon Steel Slicer

Hand made, 3-layer, high carbon steel carving knife

The carving knives we have always wanted. Specially made to our specifications by master bladesmiths Blenheim Forge, this is a limited edition of 5 knives. Each knife features:

  • 28cm, full tang blade (there may be +/- 3mm variation in blade length due to hand finishing)
  • 3-layer construction with high carbon Blue Paper Steel core, hardened to 62-64 HRC
  • Stabilised tiger oak handle

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Knife Care

The knife is ground thin, and as such is not suitable for cutting into or through bones. Always use the knife on a wooden or HDPE board - cutting onto glass or stone surfaces will quickly blunt (and potentially damage) the edge.

After use, always wash the knife in a sink with soapy water and dry it immediately - carbon steel rusts if left wet. It is normal (and part of the product's charm) for carbon steel to patinate with time and use. Never put the knife in a dishwasher.

This type of knife will need to be periodically sharpened to maintain its edge. Carbon steel blades are best sharpened with a ceramic whetstone; honing steels are not especially effective. If you are not familiar with caring for this type of knife we suggest a sharpening course at Blenheim Forge.

Store the knife in a safe place - on a knife rack is ideal, floating around in a drawer is not. It comes supplied in a stiff cardboard box which is suitable for storage.