Low and Slow Barbecue Class

Many consider Low and Slow and cooking with smoke to be the epitome of barbecue cookery. In this relaxed class at London Barbecue School we demystify the techniques and tricks of using these methods and of making the most of inexpensive cuts.

During the classes we discuss:

  • Selection and preparation of meats
  • Choice of fuel and woods for smoking
  • Adding flavours with ingredients: rubs, marinades, cooking sauces
  • Adding flavour with smoke
  • Barbecue set up (both ceramic barbecues like Big Green Egg and kettle barbecues like Weber grills)
  • Cooking and resting

In this class we cook and eat:

  • Smoked beef shortribs - tender, juicy, beefy - many people's idea of barbecue perfection. We cover dry brine, spice rub and mopping - for flavourful, moist meat.
  • Pork baby back ribs - ribs to tickle everyone's fancy. We will learn to trim the ribs, use spice rub, cooking and make finishing sauce.
  • Slow-roasted lamb shoulder - fall-off-the-bone, juicy meat. We'll use a harissa and spice rub, slow cook the meat and pile it into soft, white buns.
  • Hot smoked salmon - fast, sophisticated and delicious fish. We will learn to cure and hot-smoke fish.

We will also discuss how to cook other low and slow classics (that would take too long to cook in a 5-hour class):

  • Pork butt / pulled pork
  • Brisket

We prepare the ingredients as a group and participants work in pairs to to look after each barbecue, 2 people to a barbecue. The barbecues we use for this class are Kamado Joe's Classic Joe (which is equivalent in size to a large Big Green Egg) and ProQ Frontier Elite (bullet-shaped smoker) and Weber's Mastertouch 57cm. We provide notes and recipes for you to keep after the class and we'll cook plenty to eat during the class.

Upcoming class dates

Sorry, no more class dates in 2017, although we are able to arrange private classes at your home on an ad hoc basis.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and and we will keep you informed about our 2018 season. Gift vouchers for our 2018 season will be available on 1st November, and our Summer 2018 classes will be bookable from January. We are

Can't get a space on the Low and Slow Class?

Do consider our Texas Barbecue Masterclass instead, which is similar. We use the same cooking techniques as in the Low and Slow Class but focus on the excellent cuisine of Central Texas - and we make some of the finest sausages you are likely to taste too!