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This class is not expected to take place in 2024. This page is for information.

There are times when little tastes better than super-fresh, grilled vegetables – join this class to learn to make vegetables and fruit the centre of fantastic barbecues. In this relaxed, fun, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly class we cover a range of techniques and recipes to bring plant-based happiness to your grill.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan you’ll be familiar with the problem with going to barbecues – your needs are always overlooked! But if you are an omnivore and don’t make vegetable and fruit a big part of your barbecues then you are missing a huge trick too.


Location: London Barbecue School, SE15 4QN
Duration: 5 hours | Experience level: beginner | Cost: £145 per person (incl. VAT)


  • Perfect barbecue control
  • Direct grilling and indirect cooking
  • Smoking and dehydrating on the barbecue
  • A range of plant-based dishes and sauces
  • Use of plancha


Plant-centric, not meat substitute. We use of the best seasonal produce, so dishes vary throughout the year, but we always cover certain themes:

  • barbecue spicing and seasoning
  • grilled dips and barbecue flatbreads
  • stuffed and grilled
  • vegetable-based sauces, for barbecue and beyond
  • barbecue fruit desserts


This class is relaxed, fun and instructive. There will be a barbecue between 2 participants (if you come alone we will pair you up with someone else). We work as a group to do the ingredient preparation and cooking, and there will be plenty of hands-on cooking. You will not cook every part of every dish, but you will see how it is done, and go away able to recreate everything we cover.


  • Tea or coffee on arrival
  • All the ingredients (we do not want you to go hungry!), equipment and fuel for the class
  • A barbecue per 2 participants
  • Notes and recipes for you to keep (electronic format)
  • Alcoholic drinks – available to purchase

Good to know

This class is (obviously!) suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The barbecues and food preparation tools used in this class are also used in classes which use animal products. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene; all equipment is industrially cleaned between classes so there is no risk of accidental contamination. Feel free to contact us if you have have any questions or concerns.

Important Information

  • Classes can be cancelled/rearranged up to 2 weeks prior to the class date. After that cancellation/rebooking fees are payable unless we can fill your space. Refunds are subject to a 2.1% fee to cover non-recoverable expenses we incur when processing payments.
  • Advanced written warning of any food allergies or dietary requirements is needed. We cannot always accommodate all dietary requirements, please contact us before booking if you have a dietary requirement.
  • Participants are required to wear flat, closed sole footwear for the class, we cannot allow entry to people who are not wearing this type of footwear.
  • Classes are only for participants aged 16 or older (due to a licensing restriction over which we have no discretion). Participants aged 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult participant for the duration of the class.
  • Classes are for paid participants only, we cannot accommodate extra guests as spectators. There is not a waiting area at the school for non-participants.
Other terms and conditions apply, full details are here.


No class dates scheduled. We do not plan to run this class in 2024.

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