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Feedback from London Barbecue School class customers:

“Just to say a massive thanks from us both for what was a superb class and a highly enjoyable day out. It was a fantastic mix of being educational but also a lot of fun!”  Simon, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I really enjoyed your class. Excellent instruction on the basics and a nice deep dive into cooking with different types of food and recipes for the same. Nice group which made it fun. Had a BBQ yesterday for some clients which was a great success. I cooked wings, burgers, veg, sea bream and a two inch thick bone in Rib Eye. This all on an old school Weber. Your instruction paid off for all the dishes and in particular the Rib Eye. Thanks to you the temperature was perfect. Tough crowd as our guests own 3 restaurants. My wife was pleased and she is not big on beef. Fish was a bit more challenging as I don’t have an accurate digital temperature tester but I used the touch method and worked out fine. “  Kevin, Grillmaster Barbecue Class

“Thanks for this and the course. We thought the food was amazing and has quite literally opened up a whole new world… we’ll be seeing you again for the Texan course!”  Chris, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“It was such an enjoyable day on Saturday and I now feel much more confident around my barbecue.”  Jennie, Kamado Barbecue Masterclass

“Rita and I really enjoyed the training session, which we thought well structured and comfortably paced. There was time to take in new information, think about the implications, which if not elaborated, could be followed up in Q&A. The coverage of the types of cooking provided great food and food for thought.”   Paul, Kamado Barbecue Masterclass

“Quick line to say again many thanks for an excellent and highly enjoyable day today. Great fun, sociable, highly informative and delicious food. I’ll definitely be recommending to colleagues as well as looking at other of your courses.”  Sebastian, Grillmaster Barbecue Class

“I had a great time at yesterday’s class. I found the way you and Matt presented and talked through things easy to follow and to understand (all paired with a good sense of humour). It was a very relaxed atmosphere with just the right number of people in the class. I also felt the actual hands-on involvement was at the right level. And of course very much enjoyed the food at the end of it – perfect! I wish you all the best for the future and thank you again for a great experience.”  Claus, Butchery and Barbecue Class

“Thank you for taking our course we both really enjoyed it. It was very well organised and fun to do things as a group rather than only working together. You taught us a good range of techniques in the time and set us up to go it alone.”  Penny, Kamado Barbecue Masterclass

“Thanks a lot for the course. It was very interesting and definitely helpful. Your explanations were very clear and your insight is amazing! I cannot wait to try out some ribs and salmon now!”  Dylan, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“Many thanks for Saturday’s tuition and the comprehensive notes… I can only complement you on the course and the manner in which you delivered it. I was engaged for the entire time (perhaps I was hungry) and took a lot from your commentary.”  Peter, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, especially the eating! Lots of very useful information which I will certainly make use of in future cooks.”  Neil, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I thought that the food that we all enjoyed at the end of the day was amazing. I have never tasted such a beautiful turkey and the rib of beef was truly amazing. I also loved the gammon. I don’t normally eat spring greens or cavolo nero but the simplicity of the recipe and the vegetable accompaniments went really nicely with the meat. I will definitely try these out. All in all I had a really enjoyable but very tiring day – tired in a good way.”  Michael, Christmas Barbecue Class

“Thanks for the class last Saturday – I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will be recommending to others!”  John, Grillmaster Barbecue Class

“Cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving and it was the best I’ve ever done. Also did smoked salmon and a rib of beef, both a hit. As was the ham. Money well spent!”  Brad, Christmas Barbecue Class

“Many thanks for an excellent course on Saturday. Lap was fantastic and dispelled many of the myths about brisket for me. While the brisket and hot links were great, the pork loin was off-the-charts good. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to attending another course at some point in the future.”  Jeremy, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“Many thanks for an excellent class last Sunday. Great balance between imparting information and fun also between theoretical and practical. Really impressed with the cleanliness of your operation, I’ll bet every one of the seasoned BBQers who attended is only too casual about that side of things, trusting to the heat to keep one safe and not normal things like keeping the work area clean and disposing of dropped food!”  John, Kamado Barbecue Masterclass

“[We] really enjoyed the course yesterday picking up lots of really useful information and tips on the whole process across fuel and fire management through butchery and meat cuts to rubs/marinades and finally cooking and most important – eating. The finished food was excellent and so inspirational to make me want to experiment and explore the wider use of cooking with BBQs.”  Nigel, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“…I thought it was an excellent course: the right balance of instruction and informality, well structured and paced. You had a mixture on Saturday of a few people who had no prior knowledge or experience and a few of us who’ve already cooked a fair bit of low&slow and I think everyone went away happy and having learned something useful…”  Tim, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I absolutely loved the class as much as I loved the food! Seriously, everything was spot on, on time, well cooked and very well run.”  Alexandre, Christmas Barbecue Class

“Absolutely top day—loved it! You were quite superb & I learnt a hell of a lot. Looking forward to impressing my mates & have already recommended you to them. Thank you so much for a really great day!”  Steve, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class on Saturday, and already looking forward to putting everything I learned to good use.”  Andrew, Grillmaster Barbecue Class

“This was an entirely new type of cooking experience for me and despite the challenges, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the results are well worth the effort. I would also like to thank you for an excellent class – the setup, variety of recipes, quality of ingredients and relaxed but highly informative teaching method – all were of the highest standard. I’m not surprised you had so many returning clients.”  Viivika, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was a perfect balance of practical experience and learning the principles. I will definitely come again. Very interested in the Christmas one!”  Jane, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“Many thanks for the course on Sunday. We really enjoyed it! From beginning to end, we found the experience and content professional, well-coordinated and extremely useful. We got a kamado BBQ in December and were therefore worried that the information in the class may be a bit redundant, as we have experimented with the BBQ a lot already. However, everything from the tips on maintenance and safety, to trying new recipes and having the opportunity to ask questions was so helpful. I also thought it was such a nice touch that you provided tea/coffee and breakfast when we arrived. We were definitely well fed all day!”  Hayley, Kamado Barbecue Masterclass

“Once again a great day, of cooking and eating! I was so full and satisfied after your lesson and most important of all I can now cook long and slow with confidence which is great.”  Josie, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“Just wanted to drop you guys a note. I’ve done a few BBQ courses – both in the UK and in the USA including a few that were pitched as masterclasses. Today was the most value I have got out of any of them. Hands down. The choice of items cooked, the knowledge of the tutor (not just in terms of what was taught – it is all the little nuggets you pick up along the way as hints and tips) and your knowledge of things like charcoal and of the equipment used was fantastic.”  Meredith, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“Thanks for a great day… Learned a ton – had a lot of fun and tasted some great food. The wings won the day for me but everything was great. Now to convince the wife that we need a Kamado… Thanks again.”  Doug, Kamado Masterclass

“I just wanted to thank you for a great class – it was fun and really useful, and has certainly piqued my interest in barbecuing and putting this knowledge into effect.”  David, Kamado Masterclass

“Alex and Kate loved the day. They thought the knowledge of the chefs was outstanding, the day was really great fun, they learned a lot and they said it was the best BBQ food they’d had outside of the US! Alex has travelled a lot and is a huge fan of this style of cooking. Thank you so much again for your help and please pass on our congratulations and thanks for making it such an amazing day…”  Stephanie, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“Thanks again – my husband had the BEST time and we’ll definitely be back!”  Rachel, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“They had such an enjoyable time on Wednesday and it really surpassed their expectations. Nigel already spent Friday behind the barbecue!”  Samantha, Private Class

“Thanks so much for the class, it was an epic day and I’m already rethinking my BBQ approach and having some joy with take on your recipes (the lamb in particular).”  Simon, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned all sorts of very useful tips and skills. The food was great and I look forward to recreating the dishes at home soon. I really liked the relaxed style of the class but also appreciated your rigour around food hygiene.”  Piers, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“We had a fab time and really enjoyed the class (and the food!) – we can’t wait to put it all into practice!”  Martina, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“Just a note to thank you for the course on Saturday – some great tips and advice. Beef short ribs ordered for next weekend!”  Patrick, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. It was a superb course and your knowledge was outstanding. One can often go on these courses and feel disappointed by the lack of energy or passion given by the instructor; absolutely not the case here.”  John, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

“Thanks for a great day at the class last Sunday. Look forward to coming to another in the new year.”  Simon, Kamado Masterclass

“Thank you for an incredible day and for this information and download. I really enjoyed the lesson. Both you and Lap really made the day.”  James, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The right number of people too. Having 2 working together was very good. You made it all look so straightforward. Weather permitting I will be doing the chicken wings this weekend. My son’s favourite.”  Harry, Kamado Masterclass

“I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say I thought the class was really excellent, I’ve been recommending it. So much so that I am now signed up with some other friends to do the Texas one in August.”  Ricky, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

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