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Which class might be best for me?

Our core 5-hour classes suit a range of abilities – and because we work with small groups we have the flexibility to answer lots of questions for all levels of barbecue experience. That said, it’s worth bearing the following in mind:

  • Barbecue for Beginners – the class for people who are new to fire cookery. This class gives relative beginners a broad grounding in fire cooking techniques and helps them to build their barbecue confidence.
  • Grillmaster Barbecue Class – all about direct grilling. Suitable for all abilities, but especially relative novices, or people who wish to consolidate or fill gaps in their knowledge; we cover fuels, different types of barbecues and all the key grilling techniques.
  • Kamado Masterclass – intended for people who are relatively new to ceramic barbecues; intended for owners (or prospective owners) of ceramic and Kamado-type barbecues. We cover everything you need to know to get the most out of this style of barbecue.
  • Low and Slow Class – suitable for all abilities, though people often progress to it having done the Grillmaster class previously; this class focuses 100% on indirect cooking and smoking, particularly longer and slower cooking.

If you are interested in a particular ingredient or cuisine:

  • Texas Barbecue Masterclass – assumes previous experience with indirect barbecue cooking; this class takes the techniques covered in the Low and Slow class and applies them to central Texan cuisine, including dishes which people often find a considerable challenge such as brisket.
  • Cantonese Barbecue Masterclass – assumes previous experience with direct and indirect barbecue cooking; this class teaches the secrets behind classic Cantonese dishes like siu yuk, roasted duck and char siu.
  • Fish Barbecue Masterclass – all about things that swim; no experience needed.
  • Steak Barbecue Masterclass – a big time steak fix; how to buy it, how to cook it; no experience needed.
How do I find you?

Directions can be found here.

What should I wear/bring to my class?

Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. We do have shelter from rain but are somewhat exposed to the elements – so warm clothes if the weather is inclement, hats/sunglasses if sunny.

We send detailed electronic recipes and notes for everything we cover after the classes but it can be useful to bring a pen and notpad if you like to take your own notes.

Can you arrange a class on…?

We can arrange private classes on all sorts of topics that are not covered in our normal programme – and if enough people are interested we may even be able to include it as a future class. Please contact us to see what is possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy can be found here. In short, if you have booked a space on a class, and cancel at least a fortnight before the class, you’ll get a full refund (less a 2.1% fee to cover non-recoverable card transaction costs that we incur); if you cancel with less advance warning you’ll get (at worst) a partial refund, or no refund if you cancel with less than 7 days notice. Please always give us as much notice as possible as it makes it easier for us to fill empty spaces.

We understand that problems with getting to a class can arise, so we always work hard to fill spaces when we get cancellations – and if we can fill the space(s) we will give you a full refund or move the booking, whatever the cancellation notice. In all situations we need to receive a written request to cancel/change a booking, from whoever made the booking.

If you have arranged a private hire of the school the cancellation policy is different.

I’m not feeling well, can I rearrange my class?

If you are unwell or injured and are worried about coming to your class please contact us as early as possible to discuss. We understand that people do sometimes get ill and we’ll always try to help.

For a business like ours it unfortunately not possible to unconditionally move bookings at short notice; we would end up running significantly below capacity which would either risk the School’s sustainability, or would necessitate charging much higher prices (which would be unfair on the people who don’t ask to move their booking). So we can only accommodate short notice requests to move a booking if we are able to fill the space of the person who asks to rearrange, otherwise our normal cancellation policy applies.

I have a dietary requirement, can I still come to a class?

We can accommodate many dietary requirements and allergies but we do require advanced written notification – and occasionally it is not possible. For this reason please contact us before booking to discuss.

We are not able to accommodate vegetarians or pescatarians on most of our group classes (the exceptions obviously being the Vegetable Barbecue Class and Fish Barbecue Class, respectively) – the classes are based mostly around animal-protein so it is not practical or feasible to provide alternatives.

For private class bookings we can plan delicious vegetarian/vegan menus and alternatives to cater for everyone in your group.

I don’t like something on the menu for the class, can I have an alternative?

It is not always logisitically feasible to arrange alternatives to the planned dishes for classes – but occasionally it is possible. Contact us before booking to discuss and we will let you know if we can help.

We do not plan alternatives as a matter of course; if someone mentions in their booking that they don’t eat an ingredient/dish (without having contacted us beforehand) we will not plan an alternative, we will just assume they will skip eating that dish.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, you can find out all about them and buy them here.

Do you accept other organisations’ gift vouchers?

We do not accept any other organisations’ gift vouchers. We are aware of other organisations who sell vouchers and make unauthorised advertisements that London Barbecue School will accept their vouchers – this is not the case (and we have made and are making consderable efforts to have untrue claims made by 3rd parties withdrawn). Please do not buy any other organisations’ vouchers if you wish to use them for one of our classes.

Can you arrange a private class?

Yes, we can arrange private hires of London Barbecue School during our summer season, details of which can be found here.

Who will be teaching my class?

One of our ace team of tutors. They are great at barbecue before they come to work for us, but they also undergo detailled teacher training to ensure that their communication and class structure is top notch, so you can be sure of a great (and enjoyable) learning experience.

I’m coming to a class – can I take photographs/film?

Photographs and short videos are great, as long as they are not for commercial use. We especially like it when people share and tag us (@LondonBBQschool)! If you are taking photos please ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the class’s progress, and be mindful that not everyone will want to be in pictures. Unfortunately we can’t let you film the whole class, or large parts of the class; we do provide detailed notes and recipes so this should not be necessary.

Is there parking at London Barbecue School?

There is no parking right on out site, but there is parking available nearby. The pay and display car park on Choumert Road is free at weekends, and there is on-street pay and display on the roads surrounding us.

Can children take part in classes?

Unfortunately children under the age of 16 are not allowed to take part in classes without our prior agreement. This is due to a licensing condition imposed on us by the local council. Young people aged 16 and 17 are allowed to take part in classes, provided they are accompanied by an adult participant.

Can I bring beer/wine to a class?

BYO is not allowed. We have a licensed bar at the School with a selection of local beers, and a range of good wines.

Will there be food to take away at the end of the class?

In all our classes we cook plenty and there will be lots to eat, even for people with big appetites – but it needs to be eaten on site, we are not permitted to allow takeaway of food or drinks. This is due to both licensing and insurance restrictions.

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