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Terms and Conditions of London Barbecue School Limited


London Barbecue School Limited provides barbecue tuition services, as per the descriptions on this website and any special arrangements made at the time of booking (as confirmed in writing). London Barbecue School provide the ingredients, the equipment, the venue and tuition.

“Group Classes” are defined as a single session of cooking tuition, open to the general public. Clients can book a single place or multiple places for the class.

“Private Classes” are specially arranged on an ad hoc basis, the format and content as agreed with the client. Places on private classes are not open to the general public.

Booking and booking contacts

Any booking is an arrangement to provide the product on a specific date and at a specific time. This arrangement is made between London Barbecue School and the client.

If a client books on behalf of other participants, the booking remains an arrangement between the named client and London Barbecue School. London Barbecue School will only make or alter arrangements for the class in cooperation with the named client who booked – unless the client gives written permission to deal with anyone else.

Group classes: payment, rearrangement and cancellation terms

Payment in full is required at the time of booking. Until payment has been received any classes or dates that have been previously discussed remain provisional and may become unavailable.

When payment has been received you will be sent an email from London Barbecue School confirming your purchase.

When requested, and with adequate prior warning, London Barbecue School will endeavour to rearrange class bookings for different times/dates, subject to availability of alternative classes. Rearrangement requests at short notice will be charged as cancellations (see below), although this is subject to London Barbecue School’s management’s discretion.

Changes/cancellations at the client’s request (in writing) 14 whole days or more prior to the class date will be refunded less a 2.1% cancellation fee (to cover non-recoverable expenses we incur). Cancellations made (in writing) less than 14 whole days but 7 whole days or more prior to the booking date will receive a 50% refund. Classes cancelled less than 7 whole days prior to the class are not refundable. Failure to attend the class that has been booked (without having cancelled) is treated as a cancellation without notice, in this situation payments are non-refundable.

Cancellation policy exceptions for COVID-19 pandemic: we may make exceptions to the normal terms and conditions (as outlined on this page) that relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. If such changes are made they will be outlined here. Any COVID-19 related exceptions to our cancellation policy will be updated as the course of the pandemic (and government regulation and advice about it) changes. As such, any exceptions to our terms and conditions may be amended without notice.

If London Barbecue School ever needs to cancel a class participants booked for that class will be offered the choice of either an alternative appointment within a reasonable period or full refund of the cost of the class.

Private Classes: payment, cancellation and rearrangement terms

A “Class Outline” will always be agreed prior to acceptance of a Private Class booking. The Class Outline details the service to be provided and the appointment time and place.

Payment of a non-refundable deposit of 40% of the total fee is required in order to secure an appointment booking for a London Barbecue School private class; until this is paid any dates discussed remain provisional. This deposit is non-refundable if the client cancels the booking or fails to pay the balance (as described below).

The balance of the fee for the event is required a minimum of 30 days prior to the appointment date. Failure to pay this will forfeit the booking and the deposit. In the event of a cancellation subsequent to payment of the balance, the balance is non-refundable.

At the client’s written request London Barbecue School will endeavour to alter the date and time of an event. This is at London Barbecue School’s discretion, and any costs incurred by London Barbecue School in doing so will be chargeable.

In the unlikely event that London Barbecue School ever needs to cancel an event the client will be offered the choice of either an alternative within a reasonable period or full refund of the cost of your class.


London Barbecue School does not permit the commercial resale of its services, unless expressly agreed in writing in advance. London Barbecue School Limited reserves the right to cancel bookings (without warning and without refund) where there is evidence or suspicion of either attempted or actual commercial resale of its services. People who buy services via unauthorised resellers may be barred entry to classes.


All class participants must be aged 16 or older unless otherwise agreed in writing with London Barbecue School. Participants aged from 16 to 18 must have a parent, guardian or adult acting in loco parentis present during the class (although the adult is not required to participate).

Class, course and event content and ingredients

Very occasionally it is necessary for London Barbecue School to make alterations to the content of classes and events or to the ingredients that will be used. We reserve the right to make such alterations as necessary.

Where changes are made to the that are deemed significantly different to the advertised or agreed class material, London Barbecue School will notify clients in advance of the class and offer them the choice between keeping their class booking, moving to a different class, or receiving a full refund.

Safety and behaviour

The client who books the class is responsible for their own behaviour, and the behaviour of any other participants they bring to the class. Any client who behaves in an unsafe manner, is in an unfit state to participate in a class or whose behaviour affects other participants’ enjoyment of the class may be barred entry to a class or ejected from a class. If this occurs the fee paid for the class will be forfeited and no refund will be made.

Gift vouchers

London Barbecue School sells gift vouchers which can be redeemed against its classes.

London Barbecue School offers a 14-day grace period after the purchase of the voucher, during which cancellation of the purchase (and refund, less a 2.1% fee) is allowed. Cancellation requests must be made in writing by the purchaser, and refunds are to the original purchaser only. After this 14-day period, gift voucher purchases are non-refundable.

Gift vouchers are for a particular seasonal period of London Barbecue School’s operation, and have an expiry date shortly before the end of that season. Gift vouchers can not be used after their expiry date.

Vouchers can only be redeemed against London Barbecue School’s services; they cannot be used against the purchase other gift vouchers, or of any other merchandise.

If a voucher is partially redeemed (ie the redemption does not require the full value of the voucher), the remaining balance can be redeemed at a later date. The remaining balance is subject to the same expiry date as the original voucher.

Coronavirus exceptions:

  1. If London Barbecue School’s operating season is impacted by a prolonged lockdown (or other restriction on normal operations) the season may be extended. Should this happen the expiry dates for vouchers applying to that season will be extended by an appropriate amount to enable them to be used during the season extension.
  2. If London Barbecue School can not operate at all, or can only operate at such reduced capacity that redeeming a voucher is impossible the purchasers of unused vouchers will be refunded.

Electronic booking tools

The use of automated tools or programming, or other abnormal practices (where “normal” is defined as a human, using a web browser which has not been modified to give the user an unfair advantage in making a purchase or to circumvent the features of this website) to make an online purchase or purchases, gain an advantage in making an online purchase or purchases, or to otherwise interfere with the normal operation of our website, is forbidden. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings that are made and which are associated with such tools and/or behaviour.

Your data

When you make a purchase through this website (or by telephone or email) we collect and store information that is required to process your payment, to plan and deliver the service, and to meet our legal requirements to regulatory bodies with oversight of our operations. We pass information to our credit/debit card company for the purposes of payment processing but we do not retain any of your card details. If requested, we are obliged to share your details with the Metropolitan Police and local borough council (as a condition of our premises license to serve alcohol) or public health authorities (to enable contact tracing).

If you opt-in to receiving marketing mailings we will store your details with on a list with a 3rd party email marketing company (Mailchimp). You can withdraw your consent to receiving marketing mailings at any time and your details will be removed from this list. We do not add your details to any marketing database unless you specifically opt-in, and we never share any personal data with 3rd parties, apart from the exceptions mentioned above.

We take care to store all customer data securely, on password protected terminal and servers, and with encryption where appropriate. We will notify you if we ever suffer a data theft or data security breach. You have the right to request a copy of the data we hold on you. You have the right to request erasure of data we hold on you, with which we will comply apart from where it would contravene our legal responsibilities.

Terms last updated on 17/01/2024

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