Vegetarian and Vegan Barbecue Class

As a vegetarian or vegan you"ll be familiar with the problem with going to barbecues - your needs are always overlooked! But if you are an omnivore and don"t make vegetable and fruit a big part of your barbecues then you are missing a huge trick. There are times when little tastes better than super-fresh, grilled vegetables - join this class to learn to make vegetables and fruit the centre of fantastic barbecues.

The class is taught by Helen Wilson, a qualified macrobiotic chef.

In this relaxed, fun class we cover a range of techniques and recipes to bring vegetarian and vegan happiness to your grill. The dishes we cover:

  • Lebanese koftas
  • Flatbreads and dips
  • Vietnamese noodles
  • Tequila mushroom burgers
  • Grilled salads from around the world

All recipes can be made in vegetarian/vegan versions. Recipes and notes are provided for you to keep and we suggest bringing a food container so you can take any leftovers home.

Class Dates

No dates currently planned. We hope to hold vegetarian/vegan classes in 2018 subject to adequate demand - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; if enough people are able to commit to a class we will arrange it!