About Us

Who We Are

London Barbecue School is owned and run by Alastair, helped by a team of fire cooking professionals. Why barbecue? Because barbecue is best. It is our favourite way to cook and eat. Elemental, smoky and natural - no other cooking method comes close. And when we aren't teaching barbecue classes we were normally found in front of a fire.


The equipment we use

Our barbecue cookery classes are taught using Kamado Joe ceramic barbecues (like a Big Green Egg), ProQ water smokers and Webber kettle barbecues. Some classes are dedicated to a particular type of barbecue, others use all the barbecues (though you can request to use a particular model).


Our venue

Our venue is not like other cookery schools! For a start, we do most of our cooking outside, albeit covered by an awning so you stay warm and dry whatever the weather. We use as much repurposed and recycled equipment and furniture as possible, so the school has a homely, festvial vibe. Our school might look unusual but we still maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, health and hygiene. Here's how to find us.