Feedback from London Barbecue School class customers:

"Once again a great day, of cooking and eating! I was so full and satisfied after your lesson and most important of all I can now cook long and slow with confidence which is great."
Josie, Low and Slow Class

"Just wanted to drop you guys a note. I've done a few BBQ courses - both in the UK and in the USA including a few that were pitched as masterclasses. Today was the most value I have got out of any of them. Hands down. The choice of items cooked, the knowledge of the tutor (not just in terms of what was taught - it is all the little nuggets you pick up along the way as hints and tips) and your knowledge of things like charcoal and of the equipment used was fantastic."
Meredith, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

"Thanks for a great day... Learned a ton – had a lot of fun and tasted some great food. The wings won the day for me but everything was great. Now to convince the wife that we need a Kamado… Thanks again."
Doug, Kamado Masterclass

"I just wanted to thank you for a great class - it was fun and really useful, and has certainly piqued my interest in barbecuing and putting this knowledge into effect."
David, Kamado Masterclass

"Alex and Kate loved the day. They thought the knowledge of the chefs was outstanding, the day was really great fun, they learned a lot and they said it was the best BBQ food they’d had outside of the US! Alex has travelled a lot and is a huge fan of this style of cooking. Thank you so much again for your help and please pass on our congratulations and thanks for making it such an amazing day..."
Stephanie, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

"Thanks again - my husband had the BEST time and we'll definitely be back!"
Rachel, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

"They had such an enjoyable time on Wednesday and it really surpassed their expectations. Nigel already spent Friday behind the barbecue!"
Samantha, Private Class

"Thanks so much for the class, it was an epic day and I’m already rethinking my BBQ approach and having some joy with take on your recipes (the lamb in particular)."
Simon, Low and Slow Class

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned all sorts of very useful tips and skills. The food was great and I look forward to recreating the dishes at home soon. I really liked the relaxed style of the class but also appreciated your rigour around food hygiene."
Piers, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

"We had a fab time and really enjoyed the class (and the food!) - we can’t wait to put it all into practice!"
Martina, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

"Just a note to thank you for the course on Saturday - some great tips and advice. Beef short ribs ordered for next weekend!"
Patrick, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. It was a superb course and your knowledge was outstanding. One can often go on these courses and feel disappointed by the lack of energy or passion given by the instructor; absolutely not the case here."
John, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

"Thanks for a great day at the class last Sunday. Look forward to coming to another in the new year."
Simon, Kamado Masterclass

"Thank you for an incredible day and for this information and download. I really enjoyed the lesson. Both you and Lap really made the day."
James, Texas Barbecue Masterclass

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The right number of people too. Having 2 working together was very good. You made it all look so straightforward. Weather permitting I will be doing the chicken wings this weekend. My son's favourite."
Harry, Kamado Masterclass

"I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say I thought the class was really excellent, I’ve been recommending it. So much so that I am now signed up with some other friends to do the Texas one in August."
Ricky, Low and Slow Barbecue Class

"...I thought it was an excellent course: the right balance of instruction and informality, well structured and paced. You had a mixture on Saturday of a few people who had no prior knowledge or experience and a few of us who've already cooked a fair bit of low&slow and I think everyone went away happy and having learned something useful..."
Tim, Low and Slow Barbecue Class