Gift Vouchers


We have now suspended sales of Gift Vouchers for our 2019 season. This is because many of our classes are fully-booked and we will soon not be able to guarantee a wide choice of class dates for the recipient. If you would like to give a class as a gift please choose an available date on our class calendar and book online. We will open sales of Gift Vouchers for 2020 in time for Christmas. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be informed when vouchers for our 2020 season go on sale.

If you wish to give a class as a gift we recommend booking the class on behalf of the recipient; contact us after making your booking if you would like us to send you a gift certificate to present to the recipient.

Give a gift voucher for London Barbecue School to your friends, family and colleagues and allow them to use it against a barbecue class.

How they work

  1. You buy a gift voucher online.
  2. We send you - or the recipient - the voucher by email, as a PDF.
  3. The voucher contains a unique code which can be redeemed against the purchase of a London Barbecue School class of the recipient's choice.
  4. The recipient books and enjoys their barbecue class at London Barbecue School!

Vouchers are available for £50, £75, £95 (which covers the cost one of our weeknight classes), £100 or £125 (which covers the cost of one of our 5-hour classes). Vouchers are dispatched by the end of the next working day after purchase.

All gift vouchers bought in late-2018/2019 must be used during our 2019 season, which will end in October 2019. We ask that recipients book their place by 31st August (so we can manage demand and ensure there are enough spaces available for everyone with a voucher), although the date of the class can be any time up until the end of the season.

Sales of gift vouchers for our 2019 season will be closed at the end of July 2019, or earlier if our booking levels mean we would risk not having a reasonable choice of classes/dates for a voucher recipient.

How to buy

Sorry, vouchers not currently available for purchase. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be informed when vouchers for our 2020 season go on sale.

Important Information about Gift Vouchers

London Barbecue School operates seasonally - mostly in summer! - so our Gift Voucher scheme is arranged accordingly. When you buy a gift voucher it is for the current season (or, if bought in winter it needs to be used during the next summer season). Gift vouchers have an expiry date shortly before the end of our season and can not be rolled over to future years.

Our season runs from late-April to early-October. The expiry date on vouchers for our 2019 season is 31st August 2019. For example, a voucher purchased at Christmas 2018 will expire at the end of August 2019 and needs be used by this date. Vouchers can be used to book a class which will take place after their expiry date, provided the booking on the class is arranged prior to the voucher's expiry.

When you buy the voucher we ask for the recipient's contact details so we can warn them when bookings open and when their voucher is due to expire. Space on classes is limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We do not sell more gift vouchers than we have spaces on classes but popular dates do sell out; it is the recipient's responsibility to arrange their place before this happens. If a date sells out we cannot accommodate more participants than the normal maximum because it negatively impacts the experience for other students. We hold classes every weekend; each of our core classes (Low and Slow, Classic Barbecue and Kamado Masterclass) will run at regularly throughout our season.

Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase more gift vouchers but can be used for all other London Barbecue School services. Gift vouchers can not be used against shop purchases. Gift vouchers are non-refundable. Our normal T&Cs will apply to any purchase made by the recipient.

Any questions?

Please contact us.