Last updated 12/04/22

Covid Security

Since July 2020 London Barbecue School has been a Covid secure cookery school. We maintain scrupulous hygiene; our classes are for small groups – no big crowds; and we are outdoors. As such, we believe we represent one of lowest risk “organised activities” open to the public.

How our Classes are operating in 2022

Currently (April 2022) our classes are operating largely as pre-pandemic – with communal outdoor seating and social mixing, although enhanced hygiene measures remain in place: extra handwashing and safety measures; more tables, so people can space out more; and plenty of extra furniture so that we cajn give people even more space if needed. Also, our cancellation policy as been altered to avoid penalising anyone with Covid for not coming to their class.

That said, we recognise there is a possibility of the situation deteriorating and some element of social distancing being reintroduced. If this happens

  • If social distancing is mandated – people coming with friends will share a table for eating and a grill for each 2 people; people who come solo will get a grill and table to themself.
  • If no distancing is needed – People coming with friends will share grills, 2 people to a grill. People coming alone will be paired with another participant to share a grill. Everyone will be seated communally to eat.

It is not anticipated, but if we do need to make any changes that diverge from what we advertised at the time you book your class then we will tell you about them so you can choose whether or not you wish to go ahead with the class.

Ticketing – solo participants

If social distancing is required at the time of the class it limits our capacity. To maintain enough flexibility to safely distance (should the need arise) we can only accommodate a small number of people attending as individuals on this class. We will have some spaces available on every class for people to attend individually, but they will be limited in number.

COVID Cancellations/refund policy

In light of the pandemic we are making various exceptions to our normal cancellation policy (the standard cancellation policy can be viewed here). These exceptions are affected by government regulations and advice so may change (potentially without warning) if government rules and advice change.

If we can’t run a scheduled class due to any reason (eg lockdown, our staff being ill or told to self-isolate by contact tracers) people who are booked onto the class will be offered the choice between a refund (if they made a payment for the class) or rebooking on a later class, subject to availability. People who used a Gift Voucher to book the class will have the balance returned to their voucher, for later redemption.

If we get to the end of our season and disruptions have meant that gift voucher holders have been unable to use their voucher then we will refund the purchaser of the vouchers.

If a class participant develops confirmed Covid-19 in the 5 days before the day of the class we will offer refund or rebooking without penalty. We require written notification that the individual is unable to come to the class by 6.00pm on the day before the class (though earlier is better as it gives us more opportunity to try to fill their space). Documentary official proof of the result of the test is required. Penalty-free refund/rebooking only applies to the space of the individual who tests positive, not the whole group. This policy applies to confirmed Covid-19 only, not to general illness (though in the case of general illness we will allow rebooking or provide a full refund on the condition that we are able to fill the space on the class).

Financial security

All prepayments for Gift Vouchers and class bookings are held on deposit until after classes have taken place. We are always in a position to issue refunds for all pre-payments and voucher purchases if we are unable to operate.


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