Last updated 08/07/2020 - to reflect being open

We are now open for barbecue classes - and we are thrilled to be teaching fire cookery again. Our priority remains to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, so we have made a number of changes to how we operate. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes, but the alterations that directly affect your experience are:

Class format

  • Class sizes have been reduced, to comply with government guidelines, give everyone plenty of space, and keep everyone safe.
  • Participants will no longer be paired together on barbecues, unless they come together and live together (or are "bubbling"). This means you will have a barbecue to yourself for the class.
  • Barbecues will be spread more widely around the School's site, to allow greater distancing.
  • To make spacing feasible, we are making some changes to the models of barbecue we will use for classes, but the broad types of barbecue should all be as before (eg still using ceramic grills for the Kamado Masterclass).
  • Some minor changes of menu are being made for some classes, to work better in the smaller group classes. We are not making any changes that will dramatically affect the character of the class.

If you have any questions about how your class might be affected, please feel free to contact us.

Sickness and hygiene policy

Our (already stringent) hygiene and cleaning procedures have been ramped up to counter the risks associated with Covid-19. We will be contacting class participants prior to their classes so they know what to expect.

We are going to enormous trouble to ensure that  everyone who comes to the School stays safe and healthy. Please help us do this. If you are under the weather or feel as if you might be coming down with something DO NOT come to a class (but DO give us as much advanced warning as possible so we can try to fill your space).

In the case of an illness that could conceivably be Covid-19, we are suspending our normal cancellation policy and you will not be penalised for cancelling your space.

General information about bookings

If you are booked onto a class in future but are not sure if you will be able to come

Let us know ASAP, so we can move your booking. Equally, if you have concerns about coming to a class please feel free to contact us to discuss.

The class you want to book onto is already full

Join the waiting list. We anticipate far more movement in bookings than normal, so there is a good chance you will be able to get a space, especially if you are available at late notice.

If you had space(s) booked on a class that was cancelled

We contacted the person who booked your space when your class was cancelled - if you/they do not remember receiving a message please check your junk folder. The choices offered then remain open to you - contact us to arrange:

  1. A move to a class (with spaces) later in summer. Or
  2. A refund - either to the payment card if you paid by card, or a replenishment of the gift voucher balance if you booked using a gift voucher.

If you have purchased or been given a gift voucher

You can still use your gift voucher to book a class. If we get towards the end of the season and people have not had an opportunity to use their voucher (due to limited spaces having been available, or their booked classes having been cancelled) then we think the most likely outcome is that we will refund the vouchers' original purchasers.

If class spaces prove to be at all limited, we will not enforce a "if you haven't used it then the voucher expires" policy. Unfortunately extending the validity of the vouchers to 2021 is not possible, due to how our card payments are regulated.

Private hires

We are accepting bookings for private hires of the school, but the number of people who can participate is limited as a result of social distancing regulation. If you are interested in arranging a private class, the best way to get the ball rolling is to contact us to discuss what would be possible.


Join waiting list Enter your email address below and we will contact you if any spaces become available for this class.
Email We will only use your address to contact you in the event that space becomes available for this class. We will not add your address to any regular mailing lists, and will not share your address with anybody else.